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Invest $199 per month with us for 7 years and receive a payout of $25,000. Get started by clicking the button below.

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How We Think

Our Investment Strategy

How We Think


We believe that the most under appreciated asset in investing is compounding. We want to build a business that can compound returns consistently for the next 50 years.


We follow a value investment strategy and look for education businesses with good long-term earnings prospects. We also believe in diversification in order to protect our principle capital.


We have two rules: 1) Don't lose money 2) Don't forget rule number 1. Our primary aim is to protect the capital entrusted to us, and then to find a durable return on that capital.

Some Important Numbers


Our profit share: Not a cent more.


No fixed management fees


Our intended IRR after fees


Just two managers: Pure accountability

Key Stats
What We Do


Exactly What We Do

The founders of Housman Capital created the business with one simple idea in mind: Create an easy and simple way to invest in great assets. Over a 20-year period, the stocks and private equity funds we invest in have beaten public stock investments by nearly 4%. Our aim is to give investors access to these deals and returns.


Thanks to the professional background of one of our founders and his advisors, we have access to a number of private equity funds, specifically in real estate. We intend to invest in these deals and aim to provide compounded returns of 13% (or more) after fees. This will by no means be an easy task or a number we promise we can reach, but we believe it is possible and will use all our skills and temperament to try and achieve this intended return. We believe that with a relatively small amount of capital employed, this goal is possible. 



All capital raised (less fees) will be reinvested into marketable assets. This will give us a margin of safety.


We only intend to invest in regulated markets, and through regulated brokers.



We have no interest in investing in hyper volatile assets with little intrinsic value. We play it safe.

Token Info

Investment Fact:

  • Expected IRR of ~13%

  • 7 year investment time horizon

  • No fixed management fees

  • 20% profits share

  • Permanent capital vehicle structure

Management Mandate:


Become An Affiliate

Our aim is to make Housman Capital a small investor community with a shared goal of making their money work for them. As such, we have no interest in traditional marketing. As such, we aim to market Housman Capital exclusively through affiliate marketing and direct sales models. To make this as attractive as possible, we have structured the program to pay out $832 per referral.


To become an affiliate, you need to simply complete the following three steps: 1) Sign up to the Housman Capital investment program 2) The ID number you input when signing up will become your affiliate code which anyone you refer should use (in other words, remind them to use your code!) 3) Sign up as many people as you can! We have also structured the commissions using a downline structure where you can earn 50% of the commission from each person who you sign up (if they manage to sign anyone up below them). This will help you multiply your earnings by reaching as many people as people using network marketing. Needless to say that there is a lot more information available that we can't explain here. If you would like to learn more, just contact the person who referred you and they can explain it all to you. To put it simply, it's a great opportunity!



We refuse to be an investment fund that puts it managers before investors. We aim to be fiduciaries.



Although many of the best businesses in the world have no hard assets, we intend to focus on those that do. Tangible assets are a must.



No hiding. No blaming. We want to be honest about what we do and we want to be honest about the results.

Community & Philosophy
Token Audit


Our main marketing tool will be to partner with influencers that share our vision for the business. These people will be the backbone of our public image. These are people who believe in our values and they can best help others believe in us too.

Industry Events

We have no interest in social media as a marketing gimmick. We want to focus on meeting with people face-to-face to explain how our business works and what our values are. As such, industry events will gatherings we will frequent regularly.


We have no interest in short-form media exposure. As such, it deeply explain our values and investment approach, our CEO will take up the task of communicating the values of the business through long-form podcast-type interviews and discussions

How We Market Housman Capital

LJEC Marketing

1) Click 'Get Started'

In order to purchase an LJE Coin, it will be necessary to open a MetaMask account in order to trade. This will then need to be funded by purchasing any major crypto such as USDC, BNB or BUSD. 

2) Fill In Information

Next, connect your MetaMask wallet to your Pancakeswap account. There are numerous video tutorials that can help you with this process. Done correctly, it is the safest way to trade crypto online.

3) Sit Back & Relax

Finally, you simply need to trade. This will involve swapping the crypto that you have funded your MetaMask with for LJE Coin. And that's it! You will then be proud owners of LJE Coin and part of our community.

How To Invest

Liquidity Pool
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